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Viewers and Military Installations

You can get the Pentagon Channel through your cable or satellite provider. You may need to supply your provider with the coordinates and frequency information listed in the Cable and Satellite Providers section below.

Enter your ZIP code below to access contact information for your cable or satellite provider.

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Military Installations

The Pentagon Channel will provide military installations with a satellite dish and receiver.

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Cable and Satellite Providers

The Pentagon Channel is free, in the public domain, and accessible 24/7 to all U.S. cable and satellite providers. There is no charge asked or required to provide this valuable service to your military audience. Since the Pentagon Channel is produced by a U.S. Government organization, it cannot be referenced or used in any manner that may be considered an endorsement or a perceived endorsement of any product or service.

  • To find the Pentagon Channel satellite television service, go to the domestic U.S. satellite that carries it -- AMC-1, 103 degrees West longitude.
  • The satellite uplink frequency is 14.400 GHz.
  • The satellite downlink frequency is 12.100 GHz, vertical polarization on transponder 20.
  • The modulation type is QPSK (quadrature phase shift keying).
  • The FEC (forward error correction) is 3/4.
  • The symbol rate is 20,000 kilo-symbols per second (ksps).
  • Network ID #1.
  • The signal can only be received with a "DVB" compliant digital receiver.

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