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Podcasting is a method of publishing audio broadcasts via the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed of new files (usually MP3s). Many content providers offer podcast feeds at no cost. These feeds deliver audio broadcasts to your desktop. You can listen to these files on your computer or load them on to your MP3 player and take them with you. The word "podcasting" combines the words "broadcasting" and "iPod." The term can be misleading since neither podcasting nor listening to podcasts requires an iPod or any portable music player.

Required Software
All you need to get started is podcasting software. Once you download and install the software, simply subscribe to the Pentagon Channel podcast feed located at The podcasting software will automatically check for updates and download the files to your computer so you can load them onto your MP3 player.

Some available free podcasting software:
iTunes (PC/Mac)
iPodder (PC/Mac/Linux)
jPodder (PC)

Getting Started
To receive the Pentagon Channel feeds in your podcasting application, follow the instructions below: Drag and drop the pod icon Subscribe to Podcast associated with the podcast to which you wish to subscribe into your podcasting application. The podcasting software will get the news feed and load it into your application, automatically updating every day so that you will have the latest version delivered to your desktop. Now press the play button and you should be hearing or seeing the podcast.

Around the Services in Brief (Audio and Video)
From the Pentagon Channel NewsCenter - A 5-minute version of Around The Services reduced in size for headline updates.
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ATS Reloaded (Audio and Video)
ATS-Reloaded re-vists the best of the week...and keeps you up-to-date on information that's important to you. We'll also share with you stories that have touched servicemembers stationed around the world.
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Recon (Video)
An original Pentagon Channel series, Recon is a monthly half-hour informational television program providing an in-depth look on a variety of topics from real world operations, missions, military events / history and other subjects highlighting the accomplishments of U.S. military men and women.
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AFPS (Audio)
Daily Update from the American Forces Press Service.
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Briefings (Audio)
Predominately features briefings from the DoD briefing studio on a wide range of topics, spanning individual services, combatant commands and other issues. Also includes weekly and daily briefings from Iraq as needed.
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Rucksacks and Rations (Audio)
A weekly audio program from the Pentagon Channel featuring stories and interviews about our service members stationed around the globe. From Afghanistan and Iraq to hometowns throughout the United States, Rucksacks and Rations brings you closer to troops downrange and families at home.
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