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Start TimeEnd TimeProgram 
12:30 PM01:00 PMAround the Services Description
03:30 PM04:00 PMAround the Services Description
05:30 PM06:00 PMAround the Services Description
08:00 PM08:30 PMAround the Services Description
05:30 AM06:00 AMATS-Reloaded Description
08:00 AM08:30 AMATS-Reloaded Description
12:00 PM12:30 PMATS-Reloaded Description
09:00 PM09:30 PMBattleground Description
07:00 PM07:30 PMEye on Nellis Description
10:00 AM10:30 AMFocus on the Force Description
10:00 PM10:30 PMFocus on the Force Description
12:30 AM12:45 AMFreedom Journal Iraq Description
04:00 AM04:15 AMFreedom Journal Iraq Description
04:30 AM04:45 AMFreedom Journal Iraq Description
07:45 AM08:00 AMFreedom Journal Iraq Description
10:45 AM11:00 AMFreedom Journal Iraq Description
01:00 PM01:15 PMFreedom Journal Iraq Description
04:00 PM04:15 PMFreedom Journal Iraq Description
07:45 PM08:00 PMFreedom Journal Iraq Description
10:45 PM11:00 PMFreedom Journal Iraq Description
06:00 AM06:30 AMNavy/Marine Corps News Description
09:00 AM09:30 AMNavy/Marine Corps News Description
05:00 PM05:30 PMNavy/Marine Corps News Description
07:30 AM07:45 AMPacific Report Description
10:30 AM10:45 AMPacific Report Description
02:00 PM02:15 PMPacific Report Description
07:30 PM07:45 PMPacific Report Description
10:30 PM10:45 PMPacific Report Description
06:30 AM07:00 AMThe American Veteran Description
09:30 AM10:00 AMThe American Veteran Description
09:30 PM10:00 PMThe American Veteran Description
12:00 AM12:30 AMArmy Newswatch Description
11:00 AM11:30 AMArmy Newswatch Description
11:00 PM11:30 PMArmy Newswatch Description
02:00 AM02:30 AMPentagon Channel RECON Description
03:00 PM03:30 PMPentagon Channel RECON Description
04:30 PM04:45 PMAFN Europe Report Description
06:15 PM06:30 PMAFN Europe Report Description
08:45 PM09:00 PMAFN Europe Report Description
08:30 AM08:45 AMAFN Korea Nightly News Description
02:15 PM02:30 PMAFN Korea Nightly News Description
06:00 PM06:15 PMAFN Korea Nightly News Description
08:30 PM08:45 PMAFN Korea Nightly News Description
11:30 AM12:00 PMAF News On Assignment Description
03:30 AM04:00 AMFt. Hood On Track Description
03:00 AM03:15 AMVA News Description
07:00 AM07:30 AMToday's Air Force Description
02:30 AM03:00 AMTales of Glory Description
06:30 PM07:00 PMTales of Glory Description
03:15 AM03:30 AMNews Reel Anaconda Description
01:30 PM02:00 PMRecon Revisited Description
05:00 AM05:30 AMBattleground Revisited Description
02:30 PM03:00 PMState Department Description
01:00 AM02:00 AMToday's Military Description

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