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The Pentagon Channel broadcasts military news and information for the 2.6 million members of the U.S. Armed Forces.


Pentagon Memorial

SecDef Donald Rumsfeld and CJCS General Peter Pace participate in the groundbreaking ceremony marking the beginning of work on the Pentagon Memorial.


Around The Services

Ground has been broken at the Pentagon for a new 9-11 memorial. /Coalition officials say the Al-Qaeda network is in disarray. /Recruiting blood donors among the military.


Baghdad Briefing

The airstrike that eliminated Zarqawi and the operations that led to his demise. /Zarqawi's successor and the Al-Qaida network. /The Iraqi government's strategy.


Pentagon Briefing

Increased presence of Iraqi Security Forces. /Re-establishing order and security in Ramadi. /Zarqawi's successor. /The offensive in Afghanistan. /Troop levels.


From the Heart

02 June, 2006 - Meet the people serving you while you serve America.


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